Wcb Alberta Collective Agreement

If workers re-house the right before 80 days and are absent due to the same injury, they receive their full salary for the 80-day balance. When they are unable to return to duty after 80 days, they receive benefits for which they can benefit from the Workers` Compensation Act and the Long-Term Disability Income Survival Plan. If workers have to leave work on the day they are injured, they receive a full salary for that day. Your 80-day fee will not be reduced by this amount. If workers are injured in the workplace, they are paid for up to 80 days with their full regular wage. Note: The calculation of additional earnings (regular overtime and/or work difference) does not apply to executives. The rights of employees in the collective agreement unit are included in the collective agreement. If paid leave occurs within 80 days, the day is considered part of the 80-day law and the fee is reduced. This directive relates to the compensation rights of public service executives in Alberta and non-salary or excluded workers. This directive describes the rights of disconnected or excluded executives or workers who are injured in the course of work. The violation of a worker must be entitled to benefits under the Workers` Compensation Act, so that the worker receives compensation.

The service pays a fee.

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