Scientific Cooperation Agreement Template

All research conducted under this agreement is “common research.” Joint research participants develop Common Technology Management Plans (GTPs) that contain at least principles of ownership and use of information and intellectual property (IP) to be put in place as part of joint research (1). CCAs can be controlled by the parties and are approved by the appropriate agency or funding department of the party involved in funding the research before the completion of specific contracts for cooperation in the field of research and development, to which they relate. CCAs are developed with the objectives of joint research, relative contributions from participants, the pros and cons of authorization by area or area of intervention, requirements imposed by existing legislation, the need for dispute resolution procedures and other factors deemed appropriate by participants. The research and information rights and obligations generated by invited IP researchers are also addressed in the JTMPs. Harvard`s OTD organizes thousands of material transfers each year to facilitate scientific progress and innovation. The following standard agreements contain conditions that are representative of material transfer agreements (MDUs), but which are provided only for illustrative purposes and can make changes. Harvard and its industry partners typically enter into confidentiality agreements before discussing sensitive or proprietary information as part of a potential licensing or research cooperation agreement. Below are some examples of a reciprocal confidential disclosure agreement in which only Harvard provides confidential information. Information or intellectual protection procedures that are established as part of a joint search and are not processed in a JTMP are assigned in accordance with the procedures set out in i1, in accordance with the principles set out in this PJM. In the event of a disagreement that cannot be resolved by the agreed dispute settlement procedure, this unat allocated or ip information is jointly held by all participants in the joint search for information or intellectual property, and any participant to whom this provision applies has the right to use this information or intellectual property for their own commercial use. , without geographical restrictions. Every business is unique. That`s why OTD`s team of scientific and economic experts will work to understand your interests and quickly develop a proposal that meets your needs.

To get an idea of how we work, read the following examples of agreements. authorize activities covered by Article 5 (a) paragraph 5 as cooperation to which this agreement applies; In the event of the publication of scientific and technical journals, articles, reports, books, including video and software resulting from joint research under the contract, the other party is authorized, with the written permission of the publisher, to translate, reproduce, adapt, transmit and disseminate these works.

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