Public Offer Agreement Sample

5.11. The contractor may use the results of the services provided (works) to offer its services to potential clients, including providing final files on the Internet on its own website, websites, catalogues, portfolios and other resources to promote its own services (works) and/or extension of the contractor, and by using the results of the services provided (works) to participate in exhibitions and competitions. 5.7. The buyer has the right to refuse all or part of the purchase of the goods at any time prior to payment of the goods, by informing the Seller by e-mail, by special tools integrated into the site ordering system, from the address indicated by the buyer at the time of check-in on the site, by telephone or by the delivery of goods by a representative of the delivery service (or as part of an agreement). 11.2. The contractor and the client, given the nature of the service provided, undertake, in the event of disputes and disagreements related to the provision of services, to apply the pre-dispute resolution procedure. 8.1. This public offering agreement is the force of a legal act relating to the provision of services. The adoption is carried out without signing the corresponding legislation. Services are deemed to be provided on a regular and comprehensive basis if the client has not claimed rights within two days of the service being provided. 8.2. The client`s rights to the services provided are accepted by the Company in return within 2 working days from the date of the appearance of the undisputed situation for remuneration. 8.3.

The company and the client undertake, taking into account the specifics of the service provided in the event of disputes and disagreements related to the provision of services, strive to resolve the dispute peacefully or to apply the preliminary hearing of the dispute. 8.4. Issues arising from the interpretation and application of this agreement that are not resolved by it are governed by Estonian legislation. The parties do all that is reasonably necessary to settle, through negotiation, disputes arising from this agreement or its violation, dissolution or validity. 7.1. Contracting parties are responsible for the failure or improper performance of their obligations under the agreement, in accordance with applicable Georgia law. 7.2. The company is responsible for the news of the services provided if Clint meets the specified terms of use, available at 7.3. The company is not responsible for the failure of the customer`s services, the payment made is not refunded and other services are not transferred in the following cases: – the email address indicated by the customer at the time of delivery of the service is not available. – The customer cannot receive paid services due to technical or other problems. 6.3. The offer can be provided with the agreement of both parties.

A complete reading of the condition of the offer; b) fully understand the purpose of the offer; (c) fully understand the importance and consequences of its action with regard to the implementation and implementation of the offer.

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