Learning Agreement Hs Mainz

Erasmus is part of the European lifelong learning programme. More than 1.5 million students have benefited from this program over the past 20 years. That`s why – as an Erasmus student, you`re not alone! You can be part of that success. Students selected by our Erasmus partners generally qualify for this exchange program. The annual number of students to be exchanged is agreed in a bilateral agreement. After selection and admission by the Mainz CUAS, you can apply for erasmus without receiving assistance through the Erasmus coordinator of your home school. After filling out and submitting your application, you will automatically receive a confirmation at the email address listed. Please use your email address (vorname.nachname@students.hs-mainz.de). In the confirmation email, you`ll find a link you sign up for and create personal access to the program – Login/Username. All of the above ERASMUS documents can be sent to erasmus@international.uni-mainz.de as a copy/scan.

Please always keep the original document for your documents. Before leaving for Germany, please note in the so-called apprenticeship agreement the courses you wish to take during your Erasmus stay at the University of Mainz and which you have approved by both your home university and the University of Mainz. This document is necessary for your Mainz credits to be honoured at a later date by your home university. The cooperation agreement must include exchange places in your curriculum. First of all, your application for erasmus studies must be submitted to your home university. If your application is approved by your university, you will be nominated for the University of Mainz. Every student in Germany must be covered by health insurance, including exchange students. There is no need to name your home university. For more information, please contact us. Checklist of the necessary steps/submissions of studies abroad during your Erasmus study. Here you can find information about the academic year at the CUAS in Mainz.

. The selection of students for Erasmus places at the university of Mainz`s partner universities is carried out by selection committees in the various disciplines. For more details, please contact the contact persons at the international office. The most important selection criterion is your level of education. Copy of your passport (official ID card or passport) Students who do not have knowledge of German have the option of taking only English courses. Mainz is the capital of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and has a thousand-year history.

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